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Code of Excellence.

The IBEW’s Code of Excellence is a commitment – a promise to the customer by Powering America team members. They pledge to provide the best value a customer can find in the electrical construction industry. How? These companies and people achieve the highest productivity with state-of-the-art management, excellent training and the safest workplace practices.

It’s a pledge from both labor and management to follow all work rules, work hard every minute of every day and work smart and efficiently with the right resources. Finally, it’s a guarantee that each International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) member and National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) contractor will do whatever it takes to deliver every job safely, on time and on budget.

NECA contractors and IBEW members are proud of their promise. They can guarantee the customer the highest standards of electrical work, delivered through implementing and recognizing the Code.

The IBEW and their contractor partners at NECA are fully dedicated to making every Code of Excellence job the best job it can be, because the Code of Excellence is more than just a marketing tool or a piece of paper. It’s a commitment that the men and women of the IBEW take personal responsibility for the success of their work, knowing NECA will support them with the tools, supervision and attitude to make it happen.

Watch the video for a detailed explanation of the Code of Excellence and its impact on the industry at large

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