The Tucson Electrical Joint Apprenticeship & Training Program
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Membership Benefits.

Power In Numbers

NECA is the only infrastructure for Electrical Signatories in the country.

Industry Information

We deliver industry updates pertaining to your specific, local geographic region.

Networking Opportunities

Locally, as well as nationally, members are able to work together and form long standing business alliances.

Learning Resources

Members may partake in offered seminars and resources geared specifically towards the electrical industry.


NECA performs state-of-the-art research through cooperative universities and NECA National.


NECA exists on a national and local level to assist with any questions or concerns that may arise.

Representation in Government

We conduct local, state, and federal lobbying on your behalf and support industry-oriented candidates for federal office through political committees.

Apprenticeship & Training

NECA establishes the national standard of electrical construction education while promoting and assisting in national and local apprenticeship programs.

Codes and Standards

Our organization provides the representation of National Electrical Code Committees and recommends changes to codes.


Safety is a primary concern for NECA. NECA maintains a relationship with the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration through its technical and trained services. In addition, NECA provides testimony and comment on the development of OSHA Safety and Health standards, as well as on the administration of OSHA law. OSHA also informs NECA members of developments and safety practices in the industry. NECA also aids in developing the National Electrical Safety Code as it concerns outside construction.

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